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Franz Schubert:  Fantasy In F Minor, D940 - Louis Lortie And Hélène Mercier


Chiba, Japan

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Long-term, if you’re really trying to get the most out of people, you got to build people up not tear them down. And I think that’s something that I learned about not just myself but other people. That you’re really trying to get inside someone’s heart and soul and bind them to what it is you together are trying to accomplish.

On NPR’s TED Radio Hour, four-star general Stanley McChrystal considers the intricacies and essential humanity of great leadership. David Foster Wallace captured this best when he wrote“A leader’s real ‘authority’ is a power you voluntarily give him, and you grant him this authority not with resentment or resignation but happily.” (via explore-blog)


These Rooftop Solar Panels Double As Extra Housing For Crowded Cities

In Frankfurt, Germany, a team of students has found a new way to make buildings “climate neutral” without raising rents: Build a new rooftop apartment with each installation.

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“I hate lectures. Within the first five minutes, I am checked out,” said Humphrey, a student who prefers using class time for in-depth discussions. “Digital stuff is always better than someone talking at me.”

From cellular mitosis to using semicolons, most subjects have remedial material that is important to know and difficult for professors to translate into a creative lecture or an active discussion. If these dull-but-necessary lessons migrate out of the classroom, professors can use the extra time for more creative, complicated and nuanced topics.

Here’s why I never have to teach anything boring again - Quartz (via infoneer-pulse)

Interesting case of blended learning, but instead of simply outsourcing lectures to online modules, how might we make them fun and engaging at the same time? Or would this just lead us to design-related issues akin to chocolate-covered broccoli?


Sunset over Manhattan by Frank Hazebroek


If you read one thing today, make it this fantastic vintage gem on the art of self-renewal, even timelier half a century later in our age of blind productivity.

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Chicago in the Golden Hour

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